Saif Khadafy is Arrested

Saif Khadafy is Arrested

International Crime Committee (ICC) confessed that they’ve already got confirmation from Libyan Ministry of Justice if the son of late Moammar Khadafy, Saif al-Islam has arrested. “We have coordinated with Libya Ministry of Justice to assure news related with Saif al-Islam arrested as the law,” ICC Florence Olara spokeperson.

Saif Khadafy is Arrested

Previously, ICC party, just as reported by AP and AFP in Saturday (19/11/2011), once made a mistake when announcing about Saif capture last August. Saif appeard in public two days ago. While ICC didn’t get confirmation about it.

On June 2011, ICC published guarantee for Saif and Chief of Libya Intelligent Bureau Abdullah al-Senussi so that both of them could be trialed as humanity crime law.

Last month, ICC said Saif al-Islam is in contact with mediator related with possibility for Khadafy’s son to surrender.

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