Santa Claus’ beard is stuck at Chimney


December has arrived, Santa Claus is started to be seen around. It happens too with this Santa Claus from Florida. He really want to do his duty well, trying to get close with Santa Claus story, including coming from chimney.


This Santa Claus who works for a mall in Florida, has intention to come from the mall’s roof. Unfortunately, the effort should be stopped since his long beard was stuck. Whereas this Santa Claus is a professional climber hired by Mall management to make Christmas video. The plan was, the Christmas video would be played for children.

Finally, the stuck-Santa Claus should release his long beard to go down safely. Mall management also said, the Santa Claus didn’t want his name to be published. He also added, in practice, Santa was able to go down smoothly from Mall’s roof, but he didn’t wear beard at that time.

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