Second Air Force Successfully sent to Sparta

Second Air Force Successfully sent to Sparta

C-130 Hercules Plane of Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) reported successfully dropped three emergency packages to Iceland near the location of Russian fisherman’s ship, Sparta, which trapped on Ross Ocean, Antarctica, Wednesday (21/12/2011) mid-day local time.

Second Air Force Successfully sent to Sparta

The plane dropped aid-package contained water pumps and material to patch ship leaks and returned the ship into stabile position. This is the second air aid sent, after previous Saturday, Hercules plane of RNZAF also dropped various emergency equipments.

Spokesperson of New Zealand Rescue Team Coordination, Ross Henderson said, aid package landed in Iceland near Sparta ship and the ship crews would take it to be brought into the ship.

Sparta Ship crashed undersea ice mount, early Friday of last week. Because of the crash, there was a hole with 30 cm diameter in ship wall located 1.5 meter below the water surface, so sea water flooded ship hold and caused the Russian flag ship 13 degrees slant.

The ship brought 32 crews, consisted of 15 Russian, 16 Indonesian, and an Ukrainian.

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