Secure Packaging and Anti-Counterfeiting Measures to Promote the Application of Holographic Films

For all the consumer goods products, filling the shelves of retail outlets, branding the product by a holographic film on product’s packaging label contributes to its production cost. Thus, billions of consumer goods sold every day across the globe drive the demand for holographic films production on a large scale. In 2015, revenues amassed from sales of holographic films were worth US$ 5, 767.3 Mn, owing to the universal demand generated from iconic branding techniques, according to a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR). PMR estimates that the global holographic films market is projected to register an impressive 9.3% CAGR during 2016 to 2024, to reach a value of more than US$ 11,700 Mn.

Other than branding demands, active utilization of Fresnel lens technology in flexible packaging surface design has boosted the holographic film’s consumption, to create three dimensional effect for customers discerning the products on store shelves. Although anti-counterfeit measures and secure packaging promote the application of holographic films, excessive costs of films are estimated to restrain the growth of the global holographic films market in the near future.

Uflex to Display its Array of Holographic Wide Web Films at Gulf Print & Pack 2017

Many esteemed players are focusing on innovative measures for the provision of brand protection films. One such player, Uflex is set to display its brand protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions between 26th and 29th March at Gulf Print & Pack, an event for commercial & package printers in North Africa and Middle East. At Gulf Print & Pack, Uflex would display an array of Holographic Wide Web Films which include Fresnel lens and Sterling lens embossed, soft embossing, hard embossing, high refractive index (HFI), UV embossing, and window De-metallized films. Uflex possesses robust capabilities of providing films embossed with several shapes & sizes of Fresnel lens. These films are likely to be the Uflex’s cynosure at Gulf Print & Pack 2017.

Applications of Holographic Films

Holographic films find their application among various products such as zippo lighters, aquariums, roller skates, race cars, snow mobiles and store shelving. Holographic films are utilized for designing and displaying content written or numbers on the car doors and people from Europe and USA have found it appealing. The most popular design is the diffracto lite. Currently, more comfortable & UV resistant holographic films are available. These are best on graphics, contrast being the most indispensable feature. Holographic films are used for lining store shelves of the costume jewelry store. Also in endorsing a beverage, holographic films are utilized to enhance effects of the content.

First Ever Holographic Rear Lighting System for Passenger Vehicles

A key to sustainable society and economy, mobility is a basic human need. Therefore, the demand for individuality, environmental compatibility, efficiency and safety of automotive vehicles are significant. HELLA, lighting & electronics specialists, in co-ordination with one of the world’s largest polymer manufacturers, Covestro, has developed a first ever holographic rear-lighting system for passenger vehicles with 3D effects. This unique rear lighting system is lamp-based with three parts, each equipped with the holographic technology. Future predictions state the use of plastic instead of glass. The 3D effect is created by illumination of the holographic film from behind by LED (Light emitting diodes) reflectors & light sources. After having met all the statuary regulations, HELLA and Covestro implemented series production of this system with an immediate approach.

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