Simoncelli’s death is not Rossi and Edwards Mistakes

Putin Criticize Qaddafi’s minutes to death Broadcast

Ex-500cc World Champion, Wayne Gardner, gave strength to Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, who involved in deadly accident on Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday (23/10/2011), which taken the Italian rider, Marco Simoncelli. According to the 1987 world champion, the tragic incident was unavoidable.

Edwards and Rossi crashed Simoncelli when he fell and skimmed to their line. The Yamaha Tech 3 and Ducati racers couldn’t evade, so there happened a collision which made Simoncelli injured fatally on head, neck, and chest.

Putin Criticize Qaddafi’s minutes to death Broadcast

Gardner said it because he once had similar incident with Franco Uncini on Dutch GP 1983. At that time, he collided the Italian racer when he tried to avoid his rivals after accident in the middle of race track. At that time, Uncini was on coma, but he recovered and now became representative of safety field for MotoGP racer.
According his experience, Gardner knew, how Edwards and Rossi’s feeling. Even after that, there was rumor that Rossi would resign soon although Rossi has argued against the gossip.

“I once had the same incident with Franco Uncini several years ago, I can feel how they felt,” wrote Gardner about Edwards and Rossi in a column in his private site.

“However, it’s not their fault. Nothing they could do at that time. Both of them would replay the event in their mind, again, and again, then asked if they should be able to turn left, turn right, or pressed the brake harder at that time.”

“There’s a bit encouragement, television record when the accident happened. Now and at the next years to come, it would show them that they clearly have no time to avoid the collision. Unfortunately, the case happened at the wrong place and time”

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