Stuxnet computer virus may be part of Iran nuclear woes

Iran is facing threats and pressure from all over the world. It’s basically due to its uranium enhancement agenda. Computer Virus of Stuxnet has played important role in current circumstances.

U.N head of nuclear program, Olli Heinonen, who has recently left his office, answered that scientific malfunction and hitch can be one reason for reducing the quantity of working separator in Iran’s Uranium enhancement plant.

He continued by saying that this separator’s major fundamental design is not appropriate for its normal working. This fact is being testified and verified by IAEA’s former deputy director general. He is now serving at Harvard University.

When he was asked about Stuxnet Virus, he stated that there are various faulty and defected separators but yes this virus is not the reason of this problem.

Security officials said that availability of Stuxnet to public is an attempt of attack on nuclear program of Iran. Iran claims that they have released it for the production of electricity for country. But leaders of western world would take it as a try for the creation of nuclear weapons.

The holdup in nuclear enrichment process could provide more time to reach any diplomatic answer to the questions of all the six powers of world regarding nuclear tricks.

These actions can also create a shelter to Islamic world; whereas, it can also be taken as a threat from Western world.

The separators used in this program can be defined as a cylindrical shape which can be used as a fuel for power plants of nuclear infrastructure. Iran is consistently working on usefulness of this equipment to improve its working.