Suspect of White House Shooter is Arrested

Suspect of White House Shooter is Arrested

An Idaho Man who was searched related with White House shooting incident was arrested in West-Pennsylvania, that’s the announcement of US Police and Secret Service.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, who was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police Department, allegedly involved in last Friday night shooting incident on outside White House street. He’s probably also responsible for two bullets found in the building, said Secret Service. A bullet has hit windows and stuck by bulletproof glass, and the second bullet found outside White House, said Secret Service spokeperson. Both bullets found on Tuesday in southern side of White House.

Suspect of White House Shooter is Arrested

Ortega-Hernandez is scheduled to attend Federal Court in Pittsburgh at 14.00, Thursday local time, said US Justice Department.

Lieutenant Brad Shields from Pennsylvania State Police Department, in a Press Conference, identified the arrested person as Oscar Ortega-Hernandez (21 years old), from Idaho. Ortega-Hernandez, he said, now is interrogating by Federal Authority. The man was caught according to US Park Police Command Letter which issued on Sunday in Washington “related with shooting incident happened in White House at November 11th,” said Shields.

According to Shields, arrested was happened on Wednesday. Ortega-Hernandez lived in a hotel with someone else for few days before the shooting incident on Friday, said Shields. When Ortega-Hernandez returned to hotel on Wednesday, hotel staff recognized him from the photo given by officer. They then told the police officer. He was arrested on hotel lobby without any struggle, but he asked, why was he arrested? His bag was checked by dogs, but there’s no weapon found. According to Shields, the suspect seemed returned to Hotel to meet ‘his friend’.

Shields said his friend is not Pennsylvania citizen, but Shields didn’t confirm any further information related with Ortega-Hernandez friend’s identity or his existence.

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