Swiss Government Commits to Halt Imports and Sale of Animal-tested Cosmetics

Since the HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign hit in 2012, several countries took their steps ahead in questioning the presence of animal-tested ingredients in cosmetic products being sold out in respective countries.

Switzerland will become the 35th country to transform it laws related to cosmetics testing on animals. The Swiss Government has finally announced its ban on imports and sale of cosmetics with newly animal-tested ingredients.

Maya Graf, who is currently a politician representing Green Party, is the former President of the National Council of Switzerland. The move was initiated by Graf, which was subsequently taken seriously by the government and has been brought into the force soon thereafter.

Aligning with the EU rules and announced first in March 2016, Switzerland’s government will now commit a ban on animal-tested cosmetics, non-compliance to which can lead to a serious ordinance action.

The CEO, Cruelty Free International, Michelle Thew explained this move by the government as a step ahead in the country’s 20-year aspiring campaign that aims to stop cruel animal testing, everywhere in the world, and forever.

  • Apart from all the 28 member states of the EU and now Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea, and India have implemented the ban on animal testing for cosmetic products.
  • Other countries supporting animal testing for cosmetics or planning to take a step ahead in banning animal-tested cosmetics sale and imports, include Taiwan, Australia, China, Korea, and the State of Para (Brazil). A few among these have been attempting to adopt an alternative to animal testing.
  • Moreover, the Dutch Government has also recently declared its commitment to phase out cruel animal testing for chemical safety and research, which is likely to be in forces by 2025.
  • The US, Canada, Russia, Brazil, and many others are still lagging behind in this matter, as they lack any solid measures covering animal-tested products.

The Federal Council states, “Sales of cosmetics tested on animals will be completely banned, in accordance to the EU law. The European cosmetics Regulation has forbidden the cosmetic products on the Swiss Market, which contain ingredients that have been newly tested in-vivo.”

The initiative by Graf, the Green Party parliamentarian, also involves ban on household and cleaning products on the Swiss market based on animal testing. However, the Federal Council rejected to sanction the ban or any other action in this products section, indicating that have some or the other alternative methods for testing.

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