Taiwan President Phone Call with Trump Makes China Unhappy

After the US president-elect, Donald Trump had a conversation with the Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen recently, China went on a diplomatic protest. It was the first time a U.S president interacted with a Taiwanese leadership since President Jimmy Carter transferred diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, recognizing the self-ruled island under Chinese constitution.

The Chinese authorities have lodged a stern representation requesting a cautious handling of the issue to avoid any unnecessary strife between China-US relationships. Chine urged the US to abide by the ‘One China Policy’, which is the political base of US-China ties. The Chinese authority is yet to receive any explanation on the matter by the Trump camp that was informed about it.  The Chinese Authorities went on to blame Taiwan for the talk as Trump being a billionaire businessman lacks experience in handling foreign policy.

The relationship between Taiwan and China has aggravated ever since the election of Tsai head of pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party as the president of Taiwan. China on several occasions had to use aggressive policies against Taiwan and considers it as unruly provinces of the nation. In Addition, China believes that the US will respect it longstanding ‘One China’ policy and continue strengthening the ties between the two nations.

Trump’s praiseful remarks over China as a great nation during his telephonic conversation with President Xi Jinping after his victory was well acknowledged by the Chinese government. Sending a positive signal about the China-US future development. Beijing maintains it resolute stance in condemning Taiwan as a separate nation. The Chinese state media restrained from any possibility of major upsets in US-China relationship as Donald Trump get ready to take in charge of the white house.

On the other hand, the conversation between Tsai and Trump involved talks of close political, security and economic ties. Likewise, both the nation discussed establishing bilateral cooperation and closer interaction.

The informal attitude of Trump in conducting the tradition mannerism of conducting the foreign calls after his victory is expected to prompt the White House to encourage him to further indulge in diplomatic interactions.

Summary: Taiwan’s call to Trump upsets China

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