Tango Technology Will Soon Provide Moto Z with a New Line of Hope

Google Tango was the technology that drew a lot of attention prior to its arrival in the market, being one of the highlights of 2016. The smartphone market has been anxiously waiting for its arrival. On the contrary, Lenovo did manage to offer something similar in one of its devices “phab2 pro” that was integrated with this technology, launched in the first half of 2016. The device was first of its kind to be manufactured by any company supporting this technology.

The Lenovo Phab2 pro is a bulky handset flaunting a large sized screen measuring 7 inches and it is only fair to call it a phablet rather than a smartphone, as most tablets come in such similar screen size. But, the announcement that is being made about its integration with Moto Z is considered as an official arrival of the Tango technology in global smartphone market. Even more so, because this time the technology will find its application in the device at a modular level owing to the compatible modular structure of Moto Z.

Lenovo jointly worked with the Google’s tango team to make the technology come alive and went on to create a Tango phablet. Although, the technology is yet to be fully tested in the market before it could be guaranteed as a complete success. In addition, it is expected to undergo certain prototype tests in order to fully understand its functional capability.

This move from Lenovo surely indicates that it is willing to stick to its Moto division, which has been welcomed by stakeholders. Until now it was only Lenovo that had this facility, however, with its incorporation in the Moto division it is expected to improve the company’s service offering in both its low and high-end devices. Moreover, it also gives an idea that Google is keen on continuing to support its tango facility and wouldn’t give up on it just yet. Lenovo Phab2 pro was the only device that had the technology so far, but its integration in Moto is considered to be a positive sign and we could expect a lot more happening in the future around the technology.

Summary: Tango technology to revive Lenovo’s Moto aspects

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