Tech Predictions – Top 4 Trends in Technology World to Look up to in 2017

Technology will become more ubiquitous; fostered competition awaits key market players.

As the dawn of the New Year approaches, tech-savvies are exploring the online world for top predictions trending in the technology world in 2017. While this year was quite a ride with a few remarkable tech capabilities, such as ordering groceries through speakers or purchasing laundry detergent through Amazon Dash buttons, a new set of predictions is set for the next year. Take a quick look!

  1. Desktops will get virtual for everyone

The matured cloud computing market has landed up in a new pool of innovations. While a majority of organizations are already using cloud technology for data storage, 2017 might see the emergence of a virtual desktop. The idea of an entire desktop living within a cloud should indeed excite tech lovers for the coming year.

  1. Wearables will offer more feature options besides just time

Wearable electronics have already traveled a long way in a quick time. In 2017, the entire wearables game may step up with a myriad option apart from just time. Apple is all set to launch the new-generation Apple Watch Series 2, whereas Samsung has already brought in the brand new Gear 3. LG will also jump into the competition with the release of four new smart watches in 2017.

  1. 2017 will probably make you go wireless

The launch of the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack created much of a buzz about the buds. Apple, following the launch of Airpods, has plans to beat the conventional industry audio standards. 2017 might see the wireless headphone technology hitting the mainstream.

  1. Cyber security will become top concern

Online security keeps becoming more and more challenging with each coming year. The need for intense security has gone way beyond Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Verizon, and Dropbox. Predictions are that a majority of organizations will take cyber security seriously and treat it as a distant operation in addition to IT. The New Year may see companies conducting smart security programs for employees and prioritizing security against hacking, phishing, social media spoofs, and ransomware.

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