Technology Takes a Drastic Turn As Gorilla Glass Moves from Consumer Electronics to Automobiles

The American manufacturing giant Corning is looking forward to a major transformation that involves Gorilla glass for consumer electronics to Gorilla glass for automobiles. This technology trend will reportedly revolutionize the world of automotive transportation, complying more with the new green auto technology.

While the automotive technology has seen tremendous evolution since over the past century, the auto glass technology has hardly undergone any major change. Did you hear lately that Gorilla glass is soon moving from smartphones to automobiles?

Corning Inc., the American manufacturing leader in glass, ceramics, and similar materials, is all set to bring in the much-awaited change to the automotive transportation industry.

CES 2017 featured Ford GT Supercar with a Gorilla glass windshield

  • Gorilla glass for automotive was first introduced at the CES 2016, the biggest innovation platform across the world.
  • The 2017 CES featured a yellow Ford GT Supercar, the first car manufactured with Gorilla glass in its windshield.
  • It was reportedly a huge crowd pleaser gathered much limelight right at the New Year’s beginning.
  • Apart from a windshield equipped with Gorilla glass that renders its laminate an exceptional toughness, the car’s engine cover and bulkhead also feature Gorilla glass.
  • According to the Ford officials, use of Gorilla glass trimmed roughly 12 pounds from the original weight of Ford GT Supercar.

Corning’s certainly making way for new tech possibilities with Gorilla glass for automotive

In a bid to improve the entire driving experience, currently, Corning’s team for Gorilla Glass for Automotive is closely working with some of the world’s leading automakers.

  • The Gorilla glass auto drive will certainly be safer, cleaner, and more connected.
  • The Corning Connected Concept Car has windshield, rear window, sunroof, dashboard, steering wheel display, and the center control panel display, equipped with Gorilla glass.
  • Gorilla glass windshields will now offer improved safety and protection from several road hazards, as it has multiple advanced features, such as light-blocking layers.
  • According to Corning, Gorilla glass in contrary to conventional glass can potentially reduce over one-third of a vehicle’s total weight. It must withstand extreme conditions that even a Gorilla glass-equipped smartphone cannot.
  • Gorilla glass is tough, lightweight, and optically advantaged, which make it ideal for using in high-performance, lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicles. Vehicles can further be more stylish and more connected than ever.

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