Tensions rise as Prince William gets posted at Falkland Islands

Prince Williams was sent on a six week long posting to Falkland Islands on a search and rescue mission by the British Military. This triggered a war of words between David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain and Cristina Fernandez, the President of Argentina.

This has been continuing for a few weeks now. In the meantime Brazil joined in to support Argentina. Falkland Island is the center of this conflict. This island which is located nearly 480Kms away from the South America forms a strategic location, because it’s richness in natural resources and a stop over for all ships.

British, Spain, French and Argentina have been trying to take control of this island for several years now. Initially in 1765 British claimed this island first. Later in 1820, Argentina declared it as part of their country. In reply to this, in the year 1982, British evacuated all the inhabitants of the island to London.

That triggered a war between Britain and Argentina in the same year which lasted for about 74 days. In this war Argentina lost 645 people and Britain lost 255 lives including both civil and military. During the war US took side of Britain and offered its strategic support while imposing economic sanctions on Argentina. Later all other economically big countries such as Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Italy supported Britain.

After the war Britain took necessary measures to rebuild the island and also created an airfield making it a strategic military station.

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