Thailand Flood Disturbed Computer and Car Production in Global Area

Thailand-Flood-Disturbed-Computer-and-Car-production-in-global area

Car component producer and computer hard disk included into the most beaten industries caused by Flood in Thailand. Their production is also stopped because of the flood.

Thailand-Flood-Disturbed-Computer-and-Car-production-in-global area

Japan car producer which have just recovered from earthquake and tsunami disaster last March, now faced less supply of main components made in Thailand. This country is the main production basis in South East Asia.

Toyota Motor Co and Honda Motor Co has limited their production in some manufactures to North America. Lenovo, the number two computer producer in the world, also got influenced. Lenovo, which in this early week said that they would face the limitedness of hard disk stocks until the first quarter of 2012 since their distributor in Thailand got flood.

Thailand is the second hard disk producer after China. Half of global hard disk product came from the country. Flood makes manufactures on Thailand are closed, at least for few months

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