Thailand Government Launched Beautiful Thailand

Thailand Government Launched Beautiful Thailand

Erasing the residue of crisis caused by flood and burying all sad stories, Thailand raised in the end of 2011.

Thailand Government Launched Beautiful Thailand

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism and Sports Thailand, Chumpol Silapa-archa, in Tuesday (13/12/2011) night, in front of mass media representatives and Asia Pacific Tourism Agencies in Bangkok launched “Beautiful Thailand-Mega Fam Trip” theme. That’s promotion program and tourism campaign that Elephant country to present as many as tourists in 2012.

Chumpol affirmed once again that along the flood in October-November, the tourism region which effected directly was only Ayutthaya World Heritage Site, a region a bit outside Bangkok city.

“However, now Ayutthaya has been fully cleaned and rehab. Tourists started to come,” said Chumpol this morning.

The vice-Prime Minister also affirmed, Thailand Health Ministry and WHO had also inspected the tourism objects which were effected by flood.

“Both institutions stated, Thailand has no potential disease which endanger local citizens or tourists,” he said again.

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