The 500th LaFerrari Model Became a Car for the Cause

The 21st century saw Ferrari sold the most expensive car it has ever built ‘LaFerrari’. Before starting the production of the particular hybrid supercar, Ferrari stated that the production will be limited to 499 units of LaFerrari coupe. However, following the recent earthquake in Italy the supercar manufacturer based in Maranello decided to build a 500th edition to round off the figure. However, 500th LaFerrari will be up for an auction and all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the cause of reconstructing central Italy.

Ferrari successfully auctioned the 500th LaFerrari at a staggering sum of $7,000,000, which is recorded as the highest price paid for any car as yet. It also thrashed the previous laFerrari auction sale by over $1.8 million. The original price of the supercar was 1.4 million and was sold at five times higher the base price. The previous model will showcase a unique plaque on the interior along with the Italian tricolor in front of the fascia to signify its special status.

The massive price tag makes the car as the most expensive laFerrari ever to be sold. Moreover, the car is considered as the most valuable care ever to be driven on the surface of the earth. The model can easily produce powers up to 789 bhp and reach 700Nm torque power, which is made possible by the 6.3-liter V12 engine.  In addition, the car is also stashed up with a 161 bhp KERS unit (called as HY-KERS by the Ferrari team). This is essential for creating short bursts of power. Both the systems collectively generates a hefty 950bhp, likewise, delivering an unbelievable 900Nm of torque. And can go from 0-100 Km/h within three 3 seconds, while top speeds can reach almost 350 Km/h.

The aforementioned figures definitely make it a bit more special than other LaFerrari. It also shows the sentiments behind buying this particular model at a price tag which is five times more than the original.

Summary:  Ferrari sells the most expensive car ‘500th laFerrari coupe’ it ever built.

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