The victims of Turkey Earthquake Reached 601 Casualties

The victims of Turkey Earthquake Reached 601 Casualties

Turkey earthquake victims keep increasing. Until now, the victim of 7.6 Richter scale earthquake is reported to reach 601 casualties.

Earthquake which happened on October 23rd left huge damage, especially on Ercis city. The earthquake effect could be seen clear too in Van Province.

In addition of killing 601 casualties, this earthquake also caused 4.150 people injured. While 231 citizens successfully saved by Rescuer team supported by local people. There reported by Asianage, Monday (31/10/2011).

Recently, Rescuer should race with time to save the victims. It caused by cold weather which started to appear on earthquake location region.

The victims of Turkey Earthquake Reached 601 Casualties

Meanwhile, saved victims recently hit by troubles. Citizens of Van Province who were on shelter location, couldn’t do much when they lack of tent and heater.
Similar problem also experienced by refugees on Ercis City. Now their problems added with difficulty in finding health water. It’s feared that water source they owed today has contaminated with dirt.

Threat for the refugees doesn’t stop there. Rain and snow also endangered the refugees from fact that their tent resistance is not strong enough.

Turkey City Planning Minister, Erdogan Bayrkatar said, his party has prepared new housing on Van City to the next September 2012. This houses aimed to earthquake victims who lost their houses.

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