Thierry Henry loaned to Arsenal by New York Red Bulls

Thierry Henry has been loaned to Arsenal for two months by the New York Red Bulls. The 34 year old former skipper of Arsenal has trained with this club in the off-season of the Major League Soccer.

The forward is expected to play for Arsenal in January and February as Gervinho, his fellow striker, is going to perform national duties in an African soccer tournament.

Henry has the eligibility of playing for Arsenal in the FA Cup match against Leeds United. The striker has said that when it concerned Arsenal, he always listened to his heart.  In his former stint with the club, Henry used to sport the No. 14 jersey, which is presently being used by Theo Walcott and hence, this time he is going to use the No.12 shirt.

Henry has said that though he had declared that he never wanted to play in the European clubs again, he could not negate the request of the team he loved. He also said that he had not come to the club to prove anything but had just come to help them. He said that it was possible that he might not even play any games but would love to give the best to the team, in whatever capacity was required.

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wegner expressed delight at the prospect of Henry joining the club for two months and was sure that even in this short stint, the footballer would prove a big asset to his team. Henry would presently play the role of being reserve to Robin van Persie, the footballer who has broken the club record of Henry for the highest goals in 2011 calendar year, when he scored 35 times.

Henry is going to return back to his New York Red Bulls team in the United States when the next MLS season starts from 10th of March.

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