This obstetrician Revealed his Patients’ Photos


Doctor shall keep his/her patient’s secret. But this obstetrician, spread his patients’ photos.

At least, there are 700 female sued the obstetrician. He suspected taking pictures of thousands patients along they consulted. There is 3000 female became victims of the doctor’s secret camera.


Doctor who didn’t want to be mentioned his name, open a practice in Schifferstadt, west Germany. ”He was accused silently taking picture of his patients private parts. Now we need to make clear, what else he has done and surely why he did that,” said Prosecutor Lothar Liebing.

This obstetrician is threatened one year prison if he was proven violating the law. Investigator found about 3.500 photos in his office. German media reported, the doctor is 56 years old. Recently, his practice place has been shut.

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