Time Traveler Predicted Cell phone in 1928

Chaplin was an extra ordinary person as we all knew about his illusions and visions but you will wonder if come to know about the first cell phone invention in 20s, he filmed a person who used a cell phone in 1928’s video.

George Clarke is too much fond of, to collect the work of all time popular actors and

Directors, he is extremely emotional and interested to watch out certain films I.e. Charlie Chaplin’s films. While watching a Chaplin’s film he caught that Charlie first predicted about Cell Phone in a show in 1928.

The scene of this movie is exactly like a grainy black and white clip, a lady was strolling before the camera using a communicational object on her left ear speaking as if talking with some one. If that was an idea of Wireless objects? A question rises.

The first mobile phone was invented in 1979 by using scientific explanation the weight of that cell phone was almost 4 pounds. Time traveling was not expected at that moment. But we amused to know that 50 years ago before this cell phone real invention a genius person thought of a cell phone not only that he made it to let us view it in 1928 exact 50 years ago.

That mastermind was Charlie Chaplin the famous comedian of the 20s century. His impractical films were really time traveler. According to this movie a time traveler went back to 1928 while talking on a mobile phone. Chaplin once again got popularity among our new generation after revealing this secret.

A video posted by Film Maker George Clarke on you tube shows that a person was chatting on a device also.