Tiny Multi-faceted Cameras Will Proof Beneficial for the Consumer Electronic Industry

A German research company Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has recently developed a technology capable of making 2mm flat camera. The camera is as small as an eye of an insect the lens in the camera is segregated into 135 tiny facets. The concept camera has been named as facetVISION. Similar to an insects’ eyes, the technology used in the camera is based on tiny uniform lenses forming a mosaic type structure.  Each facet records only a particular image of its surroundings.

As the insect’s brain collects the many distinct images of the facets to create an overall picture. The novel cameras such as facetVISION, aperture and micro-lenses ranges work on a similar algorithm.  Since each of the lenses share an equal aperture, all optical conduit has a separate viewing and maintain a distinct area of the field of vision. Having a width of only 2mm the technology inspired by Mother Nature, the camera can offer a resolution of up to four megapixels.

Officials from the organization believe that the camera will offer relatively higher resolution as compared with camera technology available in automobile and robotic products. Further, it is possible to manufacture these micro-lenses developed by Fraunhofer at nominal prices in large quantities by using methods similar to those applied in the semiconductor industry.

The mass-production technique of computer chips using wafers (thin or heavy semiconductor slices), which are then sliced by sawing can be also applied in large scale manufacturing of micro-lenses.  In addition, the technology can also be integrated into to smartphones and other devices requiring a camera vision.  The current camera lenses need to be 5mm thick for capturing a satisfactory snap of the surroundings.

Smartphone manufacturers are facing various challenges owing to the current thickness of the cameras used in them most commonly being the camera bumps. Presently, wafers are not used for manufacturing camera lenses used in smartphones as an injected molded plastic technology most popular method for their manufacturing.

Summary: Multi-faceted Cameras could be the next big revolution in the consumer electronic industry

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