Top 4 Monitors & Displays to Expect on Market in 2017 that Won’t Break Your Bank

HDR coming to monitors now; starting affordably from 4K.

A smartphone is among the essential purchases today; a few years ago, it was a desktop i.e. computer monitor. Monitors and displays of PCs and laptops come in an extensive range today, and have become more than a luxury than a necessity.

While top-notch displays such as Dell’s latest UltraSharp worth 8,000 bucks is making rounds in the market, here’s the list of top monitors and displays that will rule the market in 2017.

Philips Brilliance BDM3490UC

For those who work from home or love watching movies in a high-end ambience, Philips’s Brilliance BDM3490UC should be the top pick. Extremely inviting, bright IPS display effectively replicates the cinematic experience. If you are used to viewing standard flat screens, this 21:9 curved one might be a little change but it certainly wins heart when it comes to gaming and movies. Competitive pricing is a plus point here.

LG 34UC79G

Black, sharp, matte design that perfectly complements an RGB-backlight peripherals, and more sensible resolution – 2,540 x 1,080. This is what LG’s new 34UC79G looks like. Games will now run at high frame rates and much smoother than ever.

Samsung UD970

The best thing about this new model by Samsung is its extremely affordable price – 4K. Armed with great image quality and exceptional color accuracy, the Samsung UD970 is ideal for videographers, digital designers, and CAD/CAM engineers. The matte finish renders it a richer feel, offering a smudge-free, glare-free, best possible work environment ever. It also has the PBP support for the ultimate multi-tasking scenario.

Acer’s S277HK

Already prioritized zero frame, high pixel density, and affordable costs? This is the one for you. Acer has designed this beauty with a fantastic 1,000,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, and 1.07 billion of a color gamut. Although it cannot be adjusted to various heights or mounted on a wall, it certainly makes to the list this year. Don’t take our word; it is better seen that heard about.

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