Top 6 Auto-tech Predictions for 2017

The Chevrolet Bolt might be the most watched car, the new Wrangler may hit before sale, Ford and Land Rover’s new SUVs may break cover in 2017.

Automakers are already queued up with new car models in the pipeline, and thus for them, 2017 is not going to be the year impacted by Trump’s administration – unlike most of other sectors. However, there’s ample of exciting stones that may still be left unturned by auto-lovers who genuinely look forward to the top trends that will probably sway the auto market in the New Year and create great headlines all through the year.

  1. 2017 might be an all good New Year for The Chevrolet Bolt. Recognized as North America’s Car of the Year and the Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, this car could be the most watched one in the New Year, in spring. After this first non-luxury battery-operated electric car that has a 200+ mile range, the Nissan Leaf second generation will show up in the second half of 2017.
  2. Wrangler re-do will grab heavy attention in New Year. The new exterior aluminum body panels will predominantly focus on lightweight vehicle design, fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and rocking looks. This might be the highlight of fall 2017.
  3. A sneak peeks into the early previews or spy photos of two of the most desired SUVs will be another trend expected in 2017. While one of them will be Land Rover’s Defender (new), the other will be Ford’s Bronco (new); both with fascinating historic nameplates.
  4. Following Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Audi, Cadillac will bring a Super Cruise with a semiautonomous system. While Cadillac’s Super Cruise will be debuting on the company’s flagship CT6 sedan, it will offer enhanced safety through an eye tracking system.
  5. With a clear indication of the dawn of first electric superchargers, Mercedes-Benz already has plans power-up hybrid models with the launch of 48-volt systems. Audi may also introduce a performance-boosting device in various SUVs.
  6. Advanced safety and connectivity that were together mostly on luxury car owners’ lists, will now be an integral part of mainstream cars.

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