Top 6 Nutrition Resolutions Everyone Should Consider for this New Year

Multiple small meals, more water, and physical exercise are there on the list. The every New Year’s list.

Resolutions are one of the top things people plan for every New Year. Let us not make 2017 one of those previous years when you just planned for something and never maintained it. Here’s a simple nutrition resolution we’ve picked up for you this year. Not too difficult, not too boring, so you don’t have any reason to quit even before starting!

High fiber alert.

Legumes, whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables must make it into your daily diet. Research shows that dietary fiber aids weight and blood sugar regulation the most efficiently. So this year onwards, eat more fiber.

Smaller meals are the best for digestion.

Usually, meal portions that are served at homes and restaurants are over 50% more than your body needs. If you have an old habit to keep on munching the whole day or eating out from the bag while working, we recommend to stop it this year. If hungry, serve yourself a small portion in a plate and eat it. Sooner or later, your body will be adapted to a content feeling with less food. Smaller portions benefit weight, especially waist.

Cut short on the restaurant food.

If you’re one of those who spend much more on restaurant food than they spend on groceries, it is ultimately going to affect your health. No matter how good the restaurant is, food served there always has added fat, calories, salt, sugar, preservatives, additives, and much more hidden within.

Feed a little less to that sweet tooth.

Apart from fats and excess sugars that you gain from sweets, beverages, candies, processed foods, carbonated drinks, and chocolates, remember additional sugar also increase the risks of obesity, diabetes, cancers, and liver damage. So this year onwards, be determined to cut down on the sugary stuff.

Remind yourself to drink a lot of water.

Water makes a healthier option than any other beverage, may it be a nutritional one. Drinking more water all through the day offers a healthful alternative to all sweetened drinks and is essentially a good filler. It maintains the moisture level of the body and also helps in digestion as well as various other bodily functions.

Stop being sedentary.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should join a gym or start exercising vigorously. You can stop being sedentary simply by taking a little walk through the day’s work, take stairs instead of the elevator, take a long walk while talking on the phone, or even while brushing your teeth. Meet old friends for a nostalgic walk rather than in a restaurant. In a nutshell, do everything other than sitting at one place all day.

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