Trend Alert – Top Pharma & Biotech Trends Predicted to Take over 2017

While 2016 has been a real spoiler for a slew of big brands in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology world, the New Year 2017 is predicted to hold a few big promises for them. If not the actual game changers, these predictable trends for the entire year will certainly unravel the new success paths for leading players who always strive to serve their consumers with superior research and healthcare offerings.

  1. Killing the ailment more effectively

Although big pharma has been developing hundreds of new drugs each year, it hasn’t been evidently responsible for actually resolving any health issues. Research on developing the effective combination of the exactly right medicines with accurate human coaching and digital sensors is in progress since quite a long. This novel combination will reportedly vanquish all hurdles through the perfect combination of drug and behavioral therapies.

  1. Encountering Alzheimer’s Face-to-face

Billions of dollars have already been spent on research projects directed to Alzheimer’s disease treatment. However, none of the drugs discovered so far has resolved the puzzle of Alzheimer’s. 2017 might see a few companies working on Alzheimer’s with a totally different approach, precisely immunological.

  1. Human-machine interaction for collecting patient information

Healthcare companies will possibly embrace new ways of collecting patient data i.e. with the help of machines. This trend will eventually create a new platform for patient information collection and provide physicians with a better, stronger base to discover new and more efficient means of disease treatments.

  1. Scheduling More Trials for CRISPR

Recently, after successful testing of the revolutionary gene-editing tool on humans, a similar type of DNA-copying technology was used in creation of a baby that is born with three parents. More extensive studies and clinical trials are lined up for 2017 in order to check the safety of this exceptional technology.

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