TV Technology was under Lime Light at Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Even if with the recent slip of television sales, the electronic industry does not look anywhere close to giving up on the magnificent Gadget. This year, TV technology exhibited in CES was all about 4K high-definition.

The electronics giant LG revealed its “wallpaper thin TV” concept as most television manufacturers looked for the spotlight going into world’s biggest electronic show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the years, LG electronics wagered the opening slot of the event that was full of back-to-back press briefings by several industry giants.

Players in the industry including LG expressed their interest on hot topics such as robots, autonomous vehicle technology and artificial intelligence. A unique performer of the presentation was a surprisingly thin LG Signature OLED flat-screen TV. This ultra-high definition TV had a thickness of 2.57 mm with a 65-inch screen. LG introduced the model with a tagline “W” and claimed that the shape of the model has been designed similar to that of a wallpaper.

The screen come with magnetic supports having less than 4mm width, designed to efficiently affix to walls. While Sony launched its incredibly stunning A1E series Bravia OLED TVs, locking horns with LG that had been ruling the US market for quite some time now. In an effort to reduce thickness Sony eliminated speakers from the A1E series and used a technology that creates sound by making the screen vibrate. The TV also comes with a pre-installed android TV software for accessing web content.

The China-bases TV manufacturer TCL was motivated to expand its market presence globally, the company launched 25 new Roku-enabled TV models, exclusively for the North American market. These models were claiming to have a high-definition display and advanced audio systems. TCL also collaborated with technology powerhouse Google incorporating its Android TV offering.

The company is expected to put in more than $ 7 billion in making high-definition television screens and is aiming to develop the slimmest curved television in the world.  TCL also introduced its new flagship model ‘x’ series that will be available first in China and then follow markets.

Summary:  The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show 2017 grabbed the best of television technology.

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