U.S. National Swimming Team Member Dies in a Race in UAE

Fran Crippen, a member of the United States’ national swimming team died in United Arab Emirates while participating in a race.

Crippen, who is 26 and belongs to suburban Philadelphia, was participating in the 10-km FINA Open Water world tournament on Saturday, in Fujairah state of UAE which is located in the south of Dubai state, when he couldn’t finish his laps.

According to Swimming World magazine, the relevant authorities searched for him under water and found him dead two hours later.

The Swimming World Magazine later revealed that the water was too hot and had a temperature as high as in the 80s, and several of the swimmers were treated for heat exposure after they got out of water.

USA Swimming organization reported that, members, coaches, employees and athletes were severely depressed by this tragic death of Fran Crippen.