UK Amour Cruise Makes Historic Launch of Its Website

Cruiser Amour and its cruise line partners have made a history after launching a brand new website adding new features and usability enhancements. You can see it at http://www. It was followed shortly with another announcement of the UK ‘s Biggest Cruise Away.

Time Hurrel, Managing Director of Amour Cruise, while speaking from onboard the Celebrity Eclipse in Southampton, declared it a momentous occasion for the company. He further said we have just passed a year since we decided to launch Cruise Amour and now after several months f hard work and now the website is launched. We are quite proud of our success and believe we are the best in this industry. A number of guests including Cruise Amour staff were invited for this occasion. Its first customer was also present in the capacity of an honorary godmother. The industry brands itself the Apple Mac of the Cruise Industry. Therefore, the decision of its first customer being the honorary of godmother should not come as a surprise. Hence it is clear that the company is focusing on high standards and a number of testimonials in this connection are already available on its website. Hurrel hailed this decision of launching a cruise agency by a godmother.

The guests enjoyed a VIP tour of the ship after the champagne and nibbles. Accounts Manager David Chidley declared a wonderful day bubbling with jubilation. It seems a happy occasion, for we are playing a party in the proceedings, he said.