US Congress Unplug Support Blocking to Palestine

US Congress Unplug Support Blocking to Palestine

US Congress will unplug fund blocking valued USD200 million or about IDR 1,75 trillion to Palestine. The aid freezing previously done by US to respond Palestine attitude which asked membership in United Nation of Organization (UNO).

On previous 27th October, US Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton has asked congress members not to freeze support to Palestine, Clinton declared that he doesn’t want to see Palestine authority collapsed and vacuum.

US Congress Unplug Support Blocking to Palestine

Although the fund blocking is stopped, some US Congress members still rejected Palestine membership in UNO. Meanwhile, other congress members in the other side want to ask development of US aid to Palestine.

Palestine which nowadays struggles hard to build their country, surely needs fund from various nation. Aid freezing would only make Palestine gets more trouble.

Palestine once also hope that Arabian countries would reach their out to Palestine
Coalition of congress member came from Republic and Democrate parties seemed angry about Palestine attitude. They determine, Palestine action to ask acknowledgement from PBB, same as disrupting peace dialog with Israel

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