US Senator Exclaimed to Review Relations with Pakistan

US Senator Exclaimed to Review Relations with Pakistan

Two senior senators of Republic Party, Monday (5/12/2011) exclaimed to review overall US relations with Pakistan. They declare all security and economic support to Islamabad shall be reviewed.

US Senator Exclaimed to Review Relations with Pakistan

John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two influenced member of Senate Armed Force Committee, said that Washington should be realistic about the relations with Pakistan which get worse. They said, Pakistan military actions, such as their support for militant communities, caused loss for US Army and threatened US safety. “The time has come for US to review overall relations with Pakistan,” said McCain and Graham in a statement.

“Specifically, all options about US security and economic support to Pakistan should be on the table, including substantial deduction and tight standard for performance.”

McCain is Republic Party candidate in 2008 President Election which finally won by Barack Obama from Democrat.

US has allocated USD 20 billions fund for security and economic support for Pakistan since 2001, most of them in replacement to help fighting the guerilla fighters. A NATO air attack in November 26th which killed 24 Pakistan soldiers in the boerder with Afghanistan has triggered new crisis in both countries relations. The relations tense was increased after US secret attack in May which killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in one of Pakistan cities.

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