US Warned Israel Risk to Attack Iran

Leon Panetta

US Minister of Defense, Leon Panetta, Thursday (17/11/2011), said, he will convey US concern about military act risk to Iran when he met Israel Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, this Friday.

The head of Pentagon, who’s in a visit to Canada for a security forum which will include conversation with Barak, repeat again his warning about ‘unexpected consequence” if Israel do bomb attack to Iran nuclear location. President Barack Obama government prefers diplomatic approach designed to isolate Iran related with their rejection to stop uranium enrichment works in the country, said Panneta to reporter in Halifax.

Leon Panetta

“That (diplomatic approach) is the most effective way in trying to face them today. It’s clear, to overcome it, it create concern about unexpected consequence to be happened,” said Panetta. He voiced similar comment last week.

According to Panetta, military attack to Iran will only delay the country’s nuclear program about two years. But the attack will endanger US army in the region and probably damage US and global economy. “I should tell you, there would be economic consequence from the attack, which could impact not only our economy, but also world economy,” he said. “So, everything should be considered.”

Ex-CIA director didn’t say in detail what economic impact which probably happens when war against Teheran exists. However, some western countries had long equated that Iran which is rich of oil could make world oil market in mess by disturbing shipping line in Gulf.

Panetta said, he has stated similar concern to Israel previously. He doesn’t bring new “message” for Barak. “I’ve told him that matter before,” he said, and “we will talk about it again later.”

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