Victims Caused by Liquor became 81 People


Not less than 81 people died after drinking liquor (alcoholic drink) which is predicted contained poison in South 24 Parganas District, West Benggala state, India, NDTV reported Thursday (15/12/2011).

Quoting the chief of South 24 Parganas district explanation, NS Nigam, IBNLive reported, the tragedy happened after some villagers consumed liquor in Train Station of Sangrampur in Tuesday (13/12/2011) night.


People from three villages, they are Magrahat, Usthi, and Mandirbazar, then fell ill. “From Wednesday (14/12/2011) around 02.00 early morning, the people started to vomit, rigid, and had great stomachache,” said Nigam to IBNLive.

“Many people still treated in the hospital. The mortality number probably will be increased,” he said.

Outside the 81 people who loss their lives, about 100 people are treated in hospital on Diamong Harbour region. West Benggala State Minister, Shyamal Mandal, said to BBC, about 70 people are in critical condition.

“More people brought to hospital with liquor poisoned symptom, and one of our hospital now over-capacity,” said NS Nigam.

Patients whose condition already critical has been brought to hospital in Calcutta. Meanwhile, doctor and nurses were deployed to Diamond Harbour hospital.

The amount of mortality number caused by liquor caused anger in people around. They attacked the liquor factory after some death reported, according to AFP.


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