Watch Out, Cell Phone Troubled Your Neck!

Watch Out, Cell Phone Troubled Your Neck!

Technology which simplify us in every fields, in fact also caused disease which we didn’t realize. One of them is smartphone or tablet usage which could caused illness around the neck or “text neck”. This condition is often caused by people who turn their head down when using cellular phone, computer screen or tablet.

Watch Out, Cell Phone Troubled Your Neck!

This symptom caused by long term neck stretching which could cause arthritis permanent damage if it’s not treated well. The experts said, the more popular smartphone and tablet usage, would make this case raising because of stretching injury increased.

In severe condition, these muscles would be flexed, so it would be hurt if you stretch it to the right position. It because neck’s joints and tissues weren’t built to hold bent position in a long time, so it will cause pain if there’s too much pressure. This condition can also spread into headache, pain in arm, shoulder, and wrist.

“Imagine if you sit in cross leg position in long time, it will be stiff and pain when return to normal position. It’s also happened on neck,” Said Ratna Lancaster from backache clinic on Leeds, England.

If someone do this continuously, body in certain phases will adapt the pressure, so it will cause more severe damage increasing level which can’t be realized. If the wrong position of head and neck happened in long time, it can create curvature from neck, which is difficult to be cured, so it has potential to cause serious health problem.

Meanwhile, Tim Hutchful from British Chiropractic Association said children have more risk to get the symptom. Since their head-mass is larger than body. When the head bent to front, the muscle used more.

Even so, this condition can be avoided by taking a rest every 10 minutes. Sit straight to front by holding phone or tablet a little bit higher, so the tablet position is on the same level with eyes. Besides, regular sport and never ignore the pain appeared will prevent the disease.

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