Zahra Baker Possibly Found, Parents Arrested

The police in North Carolina have claimed to discover a prosthetic leg in the woods which could be possible to belong to 10 year-old Zahra Baker, and Australian girl who has been missing in North Carolina for a month now.

The girl’sfather and her stepmother have been arrested. They were charged of writing bad checks. The arrest charges were not linked to the missing girl, but the police are suspecting them of kidnapping the girl, as they have continuously searched the home of the family and are looking into a residence where Zahra’s stepmom lived three years ago.

Most have related this story with the “dingoes ate my baby” case– in which a woman named Lindy Chamberlain believed that a ‘dingo,’ which is a wild dog-like creature of Australia had ran off with her 10-week-old Azaria. Later, a bloody hand print was found on Azaria’s clothes, which brought doubt over the story, and Lindy was sentenced to life in prison for murdering her child, while her husband was found guilty of being an accomplice.

But it was after four years that a hiker found a piece of Azaria’s clothing near a dingo den. The case was overturned, and now Lindy is seeking reasons here daughter’s death certificate amended.

For Zahra, there is still hope that she will be found alive. But the hopes will dwindle as time passes by.

The parents’ actions are suspicious as they had thrown out the girls mattress, they made a delay in reporting her missing, they placed a fake ransom note, and some of their relatives say the stepmom was abusive.

Prayers for the girls continue around the state. We still do not know what has happened yet and we must all hope for a good outcome for Zahra Baker.