Zebidar Beer Enters the Ethiopian Market with Trendy Ripcap Bottles

Zebidar beer was the latest entrant to the Ethiopian beverage industry, the company is based on the Southern region state of the country and has introduced themselves with pull off caps to their bottles also known as RipCap, avoiding the traditional bottle openers. These caps are unique and first-of-their-kind launched in the Ethiopian market. Zebidar Beer is estimated to spend nearly 1.2 billion birrs, with an initial production capacity of almost 350,000 hectoliters. The company has already launched a 330cl with 5 percent alcohol content in the local market

Executives from the company stated that they have pulled in employees from Belgium having vast experience in brewing and beer bottling industry. Further, these skilled workforces have sufficient understanding of the right combination of malted barley, water and fermentation. The beer will be available with prices ranging from 12 to 13 birr per bottle.  The Belgian Unibar, which is leading player in the beverage industry in Africa has 60 percent ownership of Zabidar Beer, the rest being owned by Jemar Helegeb Industry SC.

Executives from Zabidar, Jemar Hulegeb stated that the company brings in over 1000 local investors including hotel owners, insurers and bankers as part owners. The Ethiopian beverage market presently seems to be ruled by a handful of brands, accounting for major revenue shares of the market in the country. However, experts suggest the beverage market in Ethiopia will witness steady rise over the next couple of years.  Some of the major players operating in the country include Heineken, BGI Ethiopia, Meta, Dashen, Zebidar, Raya, and Habesha. These companies are operating a combined total of 11 breweries in the country. Zabidar beer looks confident in its market approach and is expected to be highly visible in the country’s capital and the Southern region during the first phase of its product roll out. Zebidar becomes the second brewer after BGI Ethiopia to have headquarters in the Southern Regional State.

Summary:  The Ethiopian beverage industry gets its newest member, Zebidar Beer. 

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