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Demand For Glass Fiber Gas Cylinders Market To Soar In Coming Years In Top Regional Markets : Fact.MR

Currently, the demand for gas cylinders is estimated to be worth close to US$ 7.5 billion. According to the most recent market study by Fact.MR, the worldwide market for gas cylinders is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% through 2031. Type 1 gas cylinders are mostly favored by customers owing to its corrosion resistance and improved safety features. 9% of the market for cylinders is made up of sales of gas cylinders. The need for safe and controlled gas cylinders is driven by the necessity of transporting very valuable gases. The creation of gas cylinders has been impacted by developments in compressing volatile and inert gases. The ability to handle and store gas cylinders has increased because to new cylinder designs and better safety features.

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Gas Cylinder Industry Survey by Category

  • Cylinder Type
    • Type I Gas Cylinders
    • Type II Gas Cylinders
    • Type III Gas Cylinders
    • Type IV Gas Cylinders
    • Type V Gas Cylinders
  • Wrap Type
    • Wrap Less Gas Cylinders
    • Glass Fiber Gas Cylinders
    • Aramid Fiber Gas Cylinders
    • Carbon Fiber Gas Cylinders
    • HDPE Gas Cylinders
  • By Size
    • 3 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 4.5 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 6 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 9 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 14 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 17 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 19 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 21-34 Kg Gas Cylinders
    • 35-48 Kg Gas Cylinders
  • Gas Type
    • Inert Gas Cylinders
    • Flammable Gas Cylinders
    • Toxic Gas Cylinders
    • Pyrophoric Gas Cylinders
    • Oxidizer Cylinders

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Crucial insights in Gas Cylinder market research report:

  • Underlying macro- and microeconomic factors impacting the Sales of Gas Cylinder market.
  • Basic overview of the Gas Cylinder, including market definition, classification, and applications.
  • Scrutinization of each market player based on mergers & acquisitions, R&D projects, and product launches.
  • Adoption trend and supply side analysis of Gas Cylinder across various industries.
  • Important regions and countries offering lucrative opportunities to market stakeholders.

The Demand of Gas Cylinder Market study includes the current market scenario on the global platform and also Sales of Gas Cylinder Market development during the forecast period.

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