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Demand For Meat Substitutes Is Projected To Reach US$ 13 Billion By The End Of 2022

Demand for meat substitutes was valued at US$ 10 Bn in 2021, and is projected to reach US$ 13 Bn by the end of 2022, reflecting an annual increase worth 30%. Throughout the 2022-2032 assessment period, meat substitute sales are expected to surge astoundingly at a CAGR of 33.6% to reach US$ 235 Bn.Key Companies Profiled

The report examines the current trends, growth opportunities, restraints, and market drivers that are projected to influence the overall dynamics of the Meat Substitute Market Insights in the assessment period.

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Meat Substitute Market Segmentation

  • By Source :
    • Plant-based Protein Meat Substitutes
    • Mycoprotein Meat Substitutes
    • Soy-based Meat Substitutes
    • Other Meat Substitutes
  • By Distribution Channel :
    • Meat Substitute Sales through Foodservice Channels
    • Meat Substitute Sales through Retail Channels

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Key Companies Profiled

  • Amy’s Kitchen
  • Beyond Meat
  • Impossible Foods Inc.
  • Quorn Foods
  • The Kellogg Company
  • Unilever
  • Meatless B.V
  • VBites Foods Ltd.
  • Sunfed
  • Tyson Foods Inc.


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