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Increasing Demand For Vinyl Siding Market To Substantially Surge Revenues Through 2031 : Fact.MR

The global vinyl siding market is predicted to be worth USD 6.7 billion in 2022 and is expected to exceed USD 10.3 billion by 2032, increasing at a CAGR of 4.4% between 2022 and 2032.

In 2022, the global vinyl siding market will account for 6.1% of the worldwide siding industry. During the forecast years of 2022-2032, the global vinyl siding market is expected to generate an absolute $ potential of USD 3.6 billion.

Homeowners’ prevalent weatherproofing demands continue to fuel demand for plastic exterior solutions such as vinyl sidings. Because of the disadvantages of aluminium or fibre cement sidings, vinyl sidings are becoming more popular. Manufacturers are using modern plastics engineering to create vinyl siding that is more durable and resistant to environmental influences. This Fact.MR report provides an in-depth study of the global vinyl siding market for the forecast period 2017-2026, providing critical insights into the market’s growth potential.

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Key Companies Profiled

  • Westlake Chemical
  • Associated Materials Group Inc.
  • Alcoa Inc.
  • Alside Inc.
  • Sibco Building Products
  • CertainTeed Corporation
  • Ferriot Inc.
  • Ply Gem Holdings
  • Acme Brick
  • Koch Industries
  • ASC Profile Inc.
  • American Original Building Products
  • Variform Inc.
  • Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated
  • Kaycan Ltd.

Which region accounts for more enhanced demand for Vinyl Siding Market?

In essence, vinyl is environmentally beneficial. Vinyl is an energy-efficient material that helps preserve both crucial resources and energy. Vinyl may also be recycled, and the worldwide vinyl industry supports initiatives to increase recycling of vinyl demolition and construction scrap. As a result, vinyl is the most commonly used material in various building tasks.

Furthermore, North American countries such as the United States, Canada, and others are focused on eco-friendly and recyclable building materials. Vinyl siding is meeting the demand of American customers. The North American vinyl siding market accounts for the most sales, accounting for 24.5% of the total vinyl siding industry. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.7% by the end of the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape: Top Companies in Vinyl Siding Market

Because of the presence of several local and regional companies, the global vinyl siding industry is extremely fragmented and competitive. Key players use a variety of marketing techniques, including mergers & acquisitions, expansions, collaborations, and partnerships.

In addition, leading organisations use new product creation as a strategic way to increase their market presence among consumers. As a result of these efforts, improved vinyl siding has been incorporated.

In a recently published analysis, Fact.MR provides thorough information about the pricing points of major producers of vinyl siding market positioned across geographies, sales growth, production capacity, and speculative technical advancement.

For instance:

  • Associated Materials Group Inc. and SVPGLOBAL have reached an agreement under which SVPGLOBAL will purchase Associated Materials Group Inc. in January 2022.
  • Westlake Chemical bought Dimex LLC from Grey Mountain Partners, a private equity firm, in September 2021.

Research Methodology

Fact.MR is dedicated to providing its clients with unbiased and independent market research solutions. Fact.MR market reports are developed after months of in-depth research. To provide the most extensive and reliable information, we rely on a combination of tried-and-true and cutting-edge research approaches.

Our main sources of research include,

  • Primary research
  • Secondary research
  • Trade research
  • Focused interviews
  • Social media analysis

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