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Modular Cleanroom Solutions Market Trends Anticipated to Bolster Rapid Expansion of Global Revenues

The global market for modular cleanroom solutions is anticipated to be valued at US$ 240.7 million in 2022 and to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% to US$ 799.7 million by the end of 2032. Cleanroom solution providers have a great opportunity to significantly cut costs while also enhancing the security and utility of such facilities thanks to the Internet of Things and related technological advancements. Improvements in cleanroom design and the use of IoT-based HVAC systems have both contributed to the development of modular cleanroom solutions. Among other innovative features, IoT offers remote monitoring options for HVAC cleanroom installation and maintenance. Future demand for adaptable modular cleanrooms that use the best production techniques to produce amazing products will fill a void in the market.

The modular cleanroom solutions market is a rapidly growing sector of the global economy. Modular rooms are adaptable and offer space optimization, energy efficiency, controlled environmental conditions, easy maintenance and installation – making them highly attractive to businesses across industries who need reliable temperature-controlled environments for R&D, production or storage purposes. Recent advancements in technology have enabled companies to provide customized “modular” versions at fraction of the costs involved in traditional hard walled permanent structures. Furthermore shelf life and product integrity can be maintained more reliably by these cost effective units resulting in additional value added benefits to customers over time. Consequently there has been sharp rise witnessed globally in demand for improved designs with superior quality materials leading the way forward into further technological innovations catering specifically towards this dynamically changing end user landscape.

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Key Takeaways from Market Study

  • The global modular cleanroom solutions market is projected to grow 10.2% and reach US$ 799.7 million by 2032.
  • The market witnessed a 6.3% CAGR between 2017 and 2021.
  • Modular cleanroom solutions dominate the market with US$ 240.7 million valuations in 2022.
  • North America dominated the market with a 36.8% market share in 2022.
  • Based on region, demand for modular cleanroom solutions is expected to increase at Y-O-Y growth of 10.9% and 12.8%, respectively, in North America and South Asia & Oceania by the year 2022.

Competitive Landscape

  • An innovative cleanroom technology product called Cleantent has been introduced by Monmouth Scientific Limited. The clean tent is portable, made specifically for users who need temporary facilities, and it offers on-site labor.
  • In order to provide cleanroom solutions for the National Health Service (NHS) and to the healthcare clients for the improved user experience, quality, and to decrease aseptic compounding activities throughout the United Kingdom, Modern Method of Construction (MMC) partnered with healthcare solution provider B.Braun Medical Ltd. in May 2022.
  • For stericube and iconic, ABN Cleanroom Technology announced a partnership with Labforrent. Users who require temporary cleanroom space can use the two cleanrooms. The device can be supplied with ISO standards ranging from 6 to 8 (IS0). The cleanroom is perfect for processing in the food industry, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and microbial applications.

Key Companies Profiled

  • ACH Engineering
  • Airtech Japan Ltd
  • Allied Cleanrooms
  • American Cleanroom Systems
  • BasX Solutions
  • Bigneat
  • Clean Room International
  • CleanAir Solutions
  • Cleanrooms West
  • Flowstar Corporation
  • Gerbig Engineering
  • HY Cleanroom System Co., Ltd
  • Lennox Clean Room Technologies
  • MAK Clean Air Systems Pvt ltd
  • Modular Cleanrooms Inc.
  • Nicomac
  • NICOS Group
  • Octanorm
  • PortaFaB Modular Building System
  • ProCleanroom
  • Simplex Isolation Systems, Inc.
  • Technical Air Products
  • Terra Universal
  • United Partition Systems Inc.

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