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Sales of Body Mist Are Estimated to Expanding at A CAGR of 5% By 2032

During the forecast period 2022-2032, the global body mist market is expected to grow at a 5% value CAGR. The market is expected to grow and reach a global market valuation of US$ 6 billion by 2022. Given this steady growth and the global market’s brisk demand, the body mist market is expected to reach $8.95 billion by 2032.

Body mists contain diluted body fragrances. Because they are gentler and lighter, body mists do not last as long as fragrances. Body mists last for more than 3 hours before the perfume fades and individuals must reapply the product to keep the fragrant aroma on their bodies. Body mists are ideal for layering fragrance on the body because they help to mask odor and are less expensive due to the lower scent oil content.

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Consumers’ attention has shifted away from animal leather and toward synthetic leather, resulting in synthetic leather demand, which generates a plethora of opportunities. It attracts domestic and international investments, which ultimately boosts global revenue growth. Microfiber synthetic leather is widely regarded as the best vegan leather and the best substitute for animal leather.

Prominent Growth Drivers Influencing Body Mist Market Demand

Rising consumer preference for online shopping will boost global market demand

The growing acceptance and popularity of scent items, particularly among millennials who are more likely to shop online for a variety of goods and try out new brands and concepts, has influenced global demand for body mists.

Simultaneously, various online retailers have been enticing customers with various types of discounts and coupons. These discounts are encouraging consumers to buy more body mist during the forecast period.

The body mist industry will continue to grow as millennials show an increasing interest in building fragrance wardrobes and stacking several nodes to create their own custom fragrances.

Competitive Landscape

  • Victoria’s Secret & Co. debuted its newest fragrance, Bare Eau de Parfum, in 2022, a scent that adapts to the wearer’s body chemistry. The first fragrance to use Cryptosym on the market is called Bare, and it “can encrypt scent formulas,” according to Victoria’s Secret. It also has a one-of-a-kind musk combination.
  • Dior’s first water-based and alcohol-free fragrance, J’Adore Parfum D’Eau, was released in 2022. Charlize Theron will star in the advertising campaign. In this proprietary nano-emulsion method, a significant amount of floral oils and water are blended together under high pressure to create the revolutionary recipe that the premium cosmetic brand has declared.

Key Segments Covered in the Body Mist Market Report

  • By Gender Type :
    • Female
    • Male
    • Unisex
  • By Skin Type :
    • Sensitive
    • Oily
    • Normal
    • Dry
    • Combination
  • By Scent Family :
    • Floral
    • Fruity
    • Fresh
    • Warm
    • Woody & Earthy
  • By Distribution Channel :
    • Newbuild
    • Retrofits
  • By Region :
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • CIS & Russia
    • Japan
    • APEJ
    • Middle East Africa

The following key insights are included in the report:

  • An in-depth assessment of the leading market players in the Body Mist Market
    • A regional analysis of the various market segments and sub-segments
    • Recent mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, partnerships, and research and development activities.
    • Y-o-Y revenue growth of the Body Mist Market during the forecast period

Which Region Showcase Exceptional Growth during Assessment Period?

The in-depth analysis of the global Body Mist Market shed light on six critical regions around the world: North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Oceania, Middle East & Africa. Given the regional cluster and market landscape, North America is expected to be the market share leader, followed by Europe.

Whereas East Asia and South Asia and Oceania are expected to grow at an exponential rate over the projection period. MEA and Latin America are expected to grow at a slow pace and are ranked last in terms of market share.

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