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5 Best Email Tracking Software You Should Try

Email Tracking Software

One of the biggest challenges faced by sales professionals is that they have to spend lot of time in their inbox to find relevant leads, reaching out to customers and collaborating with clients.

Emails are the most common tool that is used to communicate with clients. One of the best ways to improve the quality of emails is to analyze the data that indicates whether your customers are reading your email and how much time their spending on your email, which content is resonating with them.

Many sales professionals prefer email-tracking software to sell better and increase their close rates. One of the most common benefits of email tracking system is that it can be used with existing email operations. It also offers a process in which information is collected and distributed through in-place techniques.

Email tracking system uses an image pixel that is embedded within the email. When a recipient opens the email, this pixel image is invoked immediately and provides alerts to the sender about when it was opened. Moreover, it also offers information related to device, when it was viewed, how many times it was opened and other crucial parameters. It is also helpful in tracking metrics such as delivery, click and bounce rates. This also offers real-time insights, which guide the sender about the next best steps.

We have compiled a list of best email tracking software below:

  1. SalesHandy– SalesHandy is a common sales engagement platform that offers features such as email tracking, email scheduling, automated follow-up, and in-depth engagement data. Also, SalesHandy offers real-time desktop notifications with detailed email analytics. Plus, customers who don’t want complete software suite, they can always download their chrome extension that offers 100% free email tracking.
  2. MailTrack– Mailtrack works as a chrome extension and this is one of the most simplest and straight-forward email tracking software. It is also currently being used by over 1.5 Mn customers worldwide and is one of the easiest email tracker for Gmail. It is one of the best choices for freelancers and small business owners who want email tracker software this is easy to set up.
  3. Hubspot – Many sales and marketing professionals might not be aware that Hubspot also offers email tracking capabilities. Special feature of Hubspot’s email tracking is that users get a desktop notification the moment a prospect opens their email and clicks the link inside. Marketers can instantly personalize their sales pitch and reach out to prospects at the right time. You can then instantly personalize your sales pitch and reach out to prospects at the right time, increasing your chances of closing.
  4. Yesware – Apart from email tracking capabilities, it also allows users to create, save email templates and test different subject lines. This not only tracks open rates but allows users to find out how long customers are spending on their PDFs, attachments. Other features of the software are easy to set-up, progress report, and salesforce integration.
  5. Snov – validator and email finder software that also offers email tracking capabilities. This is a feature-packed software to find prospects with just one click of a button to validate their authenticity, track open rates – all from one platform. Moreover, this email tracker is free and works as a browser extension. Its key features are that it creates drip campaigns and is also used as a technology checker.

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