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Somali Government-AU forces’ captures Al-Shabab base outside Mogadishu

Security of Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, has been the concern of African Union forces since quite a while. Finally, the militant threat against the capital came to a halt, as government troops backed by African Union forces captured a major base of the country’s militant group, al-Shabab, on the out … [Read More...]

Newcastle striker Nile Ranger denies all assault charges filed against him

It’s not news that celebrities always land themselves up in soup every time they go for a night out, and the trend again was continued with reports against Newcastle United striker, Nile Ranger for assaulting two revelers and two police officers. The English Premier League striker was found to deny a … [Read More...]

84th Academy Awards: The Artist wins the best movie award

It’s a dream of every filmmaker, actor, director and every single person associated with a movie, that they claim the Oscar award in their category. The 84th Academy Awards a.k.a. Oscar 2012, held today at Hollywood and Highland Center in California, … [Read More...]

Friends of Syria wants “tsunami wave” pressure on Bashar-al-Assad

Friday’s meeting at the Tunisian capital by diplomats from so-called “Friends of Syria”, finally zeroed in on putting further pressure on the President Assad. In fact one of the diplomats was found to quote about applying “tsunami wave” pressure on Sy … [Read More...]

Holy Koran combusted in US base in Afghanistan; President Obama apologizes

As soon as the reports of American troop burning Koran at a US base in Afghanistan came in, it led to an outrage in the country. This outrage was followed by killing of two US soldiers, two Afghans and four others earlier, while the casualty count … [Read More...]

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns from his post

It is very interesting to note that the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs has quit from his current coveted post. This occurrence, he says, is due to the fact that he would not be able to proceed any further without the prime minister’s s … [Read More...]

Greece gets bailout package of 130 billion euro from Eurozone countries

Finally a huge sigh of relief came to the entire Eurozone and the world at large, when the step was taken to encore bailout for Greece after 13 long hours of talks in Brussels. The relief came in the form of agreement between all the finance … [Read More...]

Israel to attack Iran by September this year: Report

Sooner or later a World War 3 is going to take place and history is going to repeat itself. It would either be any of the oil producing countries or may be US. Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf are known for the exporting oil to the major parts of the … [Read More...]

Fatal & incurable virus traced in UK: Killer of thousands of Lambs

It’s not a new story that flies are considered to be carriers. A recent occurrence proved the point once again. It’s been reckoned that midges, a type of fly belonging to Chironomidae family, brought in Schmallenberg, a type of virus to Britain duri … [Read More...]

Iran dares the world, unveils N-progress

Iran began its defiant journey against the roving world at last by showcasing its production of the nuclear fuel that seemingly had many controversies around it. Western sanctions were rebelliously increasing towards their Nuclear Program. This was … [Read More...]

Pakistan’s highest court Indicts Prime Minister on Contempt Charge

Pakistan’s Supreme Court Chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chuadhry charged Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani for failing to chase the old corruption charges of the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari. The charges were made by the seven-bench s … [Read More...]

American pop diva Whitney Houston passes away

Whitney Houston died today, she was 48. Although the reason for her death has not been revealed yet, speculation surrounding why the legendary pop singer died have already started. Whitney had been expected to be present at a pre-Grammy gala, but she … [Read More...]

US drone strike kills an important Al Qaeda Militant

An US drone strike in Pakistan killed a senior militant, Badar Mansoor. He belonged to a faction of the Pakistani Taliban with close ties to Al Qaeda. He was one of the five killed in the strike in Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan, near … [Read More...]

Maldives issues arrest warrant for ex-President Mohamed Nasheed

A criminal court in Maldives has issued an arrest warrant for former president Mohamed Nasheed on Thursday. Crowds of supporters have gathered at the house of Nasheed, as a warrant. Nasheed’s wife and daughters arrived Wednesday afternoon in Sri L … [Read More...]

China bars its airlines from EU tax plans

The Chinese government might soon have a trade war at hand having passed orders banning its country’s airlines from complying with a European Union charge on carbon emissions. This move has come soon after the Chinese Airlines refused to pay EU c … [Read More...]

China and Russia vetoes UN resolution on Syria: US condemns the move

A resolution was brought in by UN condemning the government backed attacks on protestors in Syria. This resolution was vetoed by China and Russia. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State has described this as a “travesty”. She said that the support … [Read More...]

Tensions rise as Prince William gets posted at Falkland Islands

Prince Williams was sent on a six week long posting to Falkland Islands on a search and rescue mission by the British Military. This triggered a war of words between David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain and Cristina Fernandez, the President of … [Read More...]

Facebook taking the IPO route to raise $5 billion from the market

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it would go for public trading for making $5 billion initially. However, analysts expected that initially the total valuation of Facebook would be in between $85million to $100 billion. The decision was … [Read More...]

Four Men Admits to a Bomb Plot at London Stock Exchange

Anti-terrorist police arrested four people who were allegedly involved in planning terrorist activities across London. Mohammad Chowdhury, Gurukanth Desai, Shan Rahman and Abdul Miah were the four men arrested by the police. The four accused have … [Read More...]

EU Summit in Brussels May Bring out a Solution for Euro Crisis

The toll of unemployed people in EU reached 23 million. It is also believed that there would be big cuts in budget which can badly affect training and other enterprise. European commission said that the cuts should be smart enough and rightly … [Read More...]

Mitt Romney Takes on Gingrich by Reviving His campaign

It appears as if Mitt Romney realized that he had to revive his campaign. It is believed that he had hired a coach for debates. With help of this he could get some momentum in campaign against Gingrich who has been threatening to close White house … [Read More...]

Libyan militants detained people in secret places

Thousands of people were taken into custody by Libyan militias. They were all kept in secrete centers. The interim government could not confirm this. As per UN, the problem was highlighted during latest violence in Tripoli, Benghazi and Bani … [Read More...]